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pecan proof syrup

Pecan Proof Syrup

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16 oz bottle makes 32 cocktails
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Proof Pecan Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup is made by taking fresh, oven-roasted Georgia pecans and infusing them into our aromatic bitters. We then combine that with our oleo saccharum blend. The result is a delicious, smooth, and nutty cocktail that you can enjoy at home.

Each bottle makes 32 cocktails. 
Water, Oleo Saccharum (Cane Sugar, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil), Pecan Bitters.
Typically arrives in 3-5 days.


Fancy Cocktails Can Be Easy.

This is as easy as it gets.

The Old Fashioned can be complicated and time consuming.  Proof Syrup takes the hassle out of your perfect Old Fashioned and puts the fun back into entertaining.  Nobody wants to spend all their time behind the bar peeling, muddling and measuring.  

All you have to do now is pour and mix to get the perfect Old Fashioned—every time.  So simple, the hardest part is picking your favorite bourbon.

Now drink. 

a couple pecan proof recipes:

Pecan Tea Punch

- ½ oz Proof Pecan

- 1½ oz Vodka

- 4 oz Black Tea

- Lemon Wedge

- Mint

Pecan Apple Sour

- ½ oz Proof Pecan

- 1 oz Rum, 

- ½ oz Lime

- 4 oz Hard Cider