About Us

We believe perfect cocktails — made quickly and simply, using the best ingredients — are an unassailable right for all humankind. That's why we created Proof Syrup.

Where It All Started

Proof Syrup began at a craft cocktail bar we used to own in Decatur, Georgia. We wanted a way to create Old Fashioneds quickly and easily, with authentic ingredients, and to do that we created a syrup containing the sugar, bitters, and citrus oils that give that classic cocktail its characteristic flavors. Our customers loved it.

Given its popularity at the bar, we figured we could probably sell our Old Fashioned syrup as a standalone product — so our customers could enjoy the same craft cocktail experience at home. (To be honest, quick, easy craft cocktails at home sounded pretty awesome to us, too.) In 2014 we bottled our first three flavors: Traditional, Maple Bacon, and Pecan. By 2021, we were producing 16 cocktail syrups with flavor profiles ranging from citrusy to savory to nutty to botanical. Today, we offer more than 20 flavors of syrup and a line of cocktail bitters.

We've grown a lot, but we still mix, cook, and bottle every batch of Proof Syrup (and now Proof Bitters) by hand, in a facility in our hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Our goal remains the same as it was in 2014: to celebrate classic, timeless recipes by inspiring home bartenders to craft their own cocktails any time, anywhere.

Ingredient Philosophy

We’re firm believers that our customers deserve the best. That’s why we only use the best ingredients available, like the world's best aromatic bitters, top-quality citrus oils, and organic cane sugar. We source the finest, freshest all-natural ingredients from sources we trust.

At Proof, We Believe In


...but also in rye, amaro, tequila, gin, rum and vodka.

Our Customers

The most important (not to mention fascinating) people we know.

The Little Things

The magic is in the details, and we have the reputation to Proof it.

Staying Hungry

Always learning, thinking big, and staying humble along the way.

Being Good People

We surround ourselves with thoughtful people looking to craft perfect cocktails.

Keeping Our Sense of Humor

It's good to laugh at ourselves — but our syrups are no joke.

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How We Give Back

We believe it’s important to give back to our communities, and to the bar and restaurant industry where we got our start. That's why we support causes that are close to our hearts and our roots.

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