“Where Can I Get Proof Near Me?”

It’s the #1 question we hear from our customers

In fact, it’s the reason we launched our wholesale business.

Every month, tens of thousands of bottles of Proof are sold online, and we want our happy customers to become your happy customers.

Drive Profits, Increase Speed, Serve Kicka$$ Cocktails


Capture New Customers, Boost Upsell, Provide Expert Solutions


This isn’t just any old cocktail mix.

Every recipe is hand-batched and hand-bottled. And, every ingredient in our syrups is the good stuff you find behind any craft cocktail bar —
natural, premium, and authentic.

We’re obsessive about quality and flavor.

Back when we owned a craft cocktail bar, we wanted to make sure every Old Fashioned we served tasted perfect, so we created a syrup that allowed even our newest bartenders to serve a top-notch cocktail every single time.

Our customers loved our Old Fashioneds so much they wanted to take our syrup home, local bottle shops wanted to sell it, and just like that, Proof Syrup was born.

400,000 Bottles sold in two years

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