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Proof Cocktail Syrups.

Every bottle makes 32 craft cocktails.

Like your own personal bartender.

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The Perfect Cocktail.

You want to make the perfect cocktail.  But you don’t want the hassle of sugar cubes, citrus oils, cherries, bitters, simple syrup, and who knows what else…

Proof Syrup is here to elevate your bartending game and impress your guests in a few easy steps.  All you need is your favorite liquor, ice, and your choice of Proof Syrup to get the perfect tasting cocktail every time. So quick and easy that your biggest worry is garnish-- so your guests think you were muddling away on their perfect cocktail.  Leave the complicated stuff to us.

What Makes Our Cocktail Syrups Different?

This is probably our most frequently asked question, and we love when we get asked! Every single one of our cocktail syrups are made using pure cane sugar - that means no corn syrup, artificial sweetener, or palm sugar used here! Our bottles are also larger than the competition's, serving up an incredible 32 cocktails in a single bottle. So when it comes to making the perfect Old Fashioned, you can throw away that frustrating simple syrup recipe, add your favorite bourbon, & stir!

A note from the bartenders who started this thing:

Proof Syrup started with a crew of craft bartenders in Decatur, GA in 2014 with one simple premise: Everyone deserves a great drink, but shouldn't need to have a bartender on staff or wrestle around making simple syrup to get it. We’ve grown quite a bit since then, but that guiding principle hasn’t changed. Today we have a whole range of premium cocktail syrups made & perfected using feedback from people like you. We’re happy you’re here, and can’t wait to hear what you think.