Orange Proof Syrup

Orange Proof Syrup

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Each 16 oz bottle makes 16–32 cocktails
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The orange oleo saccharum in Orange Proof Syrup brings a tangy, familiar warmth to classic and newfangled cocktails alike. For a deliciously orange Old Fashioned, simply stir 2 oz of your favorite aged spirit with 1/2 oz Orange Proof Syrup, pour over ice, and garnish with orange peel. Try Orange Proof Syrup in a champagne cocktail or an orange martini for a bright citrus boost.


Each bottle makes 32 cocktails. 
Water, Oleo Saccharum, Orange Oil, Cocktail Bitters, Salt, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors
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Try Something New In Your Old Fashioned.

Some folks say nothing rhymes with “orange.”

Some folks are wrong — ever heard of a “sporange?” You have now; it’s a fancy old name for the spore-making part of a fern. Some folks also think there’s nothing new to be done with the almost-two-centuries-old traditional Old Fashioned recipe, but they’re wrong about that, too. Case in point: Orange Proof Syrup, which takes the orangey bits of the classic Old Fashioned and kicks them up a few notches with real orange bitters and proprietary Proof Syrup magic. It’s new, familiar, and insanely good at the same time. Take that, some folks!