A bottle of Black Walnut Proof Syrup.
A bottle of Black Walnut Proof Syrup and a cocktail.

Black Walnut Proof Syrup

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Each 16 oz bottle makes 16–32 cocktails
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Everybody’s Black Walnut experience is different — it turns out there’s just no accounting for taste(buds). Some of us love it in our Old Fashioneds because it’s nutty-sweet in a way that reminds us of dark chocolate, glazed doughnuts, and vanilla extract. One person said it was like fuzzy socks, good company, and a comfy armchair on a quiet evening. (Not gonna lie, we love the sound of that.) In the summer, we add it to our rum & Cokes; in the fall, it's our syrup of choice for manhattans. Black Walnut Proof Syrup is a year-round yummy good time.

Each bottle makes 32 cocktails. 
Sugar, Water, Black Walnut Tincture, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil, Salt, Citric Acid
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nuttiness meets proof.

It's a little nutty.

Our 2nd fall flavor, Black Walnut Proof Sryup is deliciously nutty just like our Pecan Proof. 

Makes a wonderfully cozy old fashioned and mixes very well with rum and vodka cocktails. 

A Couple Black Walnut Cocktails:

Black Walnut Old Fashioned

- 1/2 oz Proof Black Walnut

- 2 oz Whiskey

Lady In Red

- 1/2 oz Proof Black Walnut

- 1 1/4 oz Whiskey

- 3/4 oz Campari

- 1 oz Cardamaro

Smoke & Mirrors

- ½ oz Proof Black Walnut

-1 ¼ oz Coconut Rum

- ¾ oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

-½ oz Allspice Dram

-1 oz Orange Juice

- ½ oz Lime Juice

All Business, No Play

- ½ oz Proof Black Walnut

- 1 ½ oz Whiskey

- ¾ oz Rothman & Winter Apricot Liqueur 

- ½ oz Aperol Aperitivo

Paloma Roja

- ½ oz Proof Black Walnut

- 1 ¼ oz Silver Tequila

- ¾ oz Aperol Aperitivo

- 1 oz Grapefruit Juice 

- ½ oz Lime Juice

- Pink Himalayan Salt Rim

Proof Nog

- ½ oz Proof Black Walnut

- 1 ½ oz Whiskey

- ½ oz Averna

- 5 oz Egg Nog

- Grated Nutmeg

Proof Libre

- ½ oz Proof Black Walnut

- 1 ½ oz White Rum

- ½ oz Lemon Juice

- 3 oz Coca-Cola