A bottle of Maple Bacon Proof Syrup.
Maple Bacon Proof Syrup alongside a cocktail.

Maple Bacon Proof Syrup

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Each 16 oz bottle makes 16–32 cocktails
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Rich and smoky-sweet, Maple Bacon Proof Syrup makes a fantastic Old Fashioned — which you probably expected, right? Maple + bourbon seems like a winning combo, and it absolutely is. But this syrup's full of fun little surprises, like how great it is in a manhattan, and how totally perfect it is with tequila and mezcal. The smokiness in Maple Bacon complements both the peppery crispness of rye and the smoky-vegetal flavors in agave-based spirits. Plus? Great excuse for a bacon garnish. This syrup's a fun one, people.


Each bottle makes 32 cocktails. 
Water, Hickory Smoked Oleo Saccharum (Cane Sugar, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil), Grade B Maple Syrup, Bacon Bitters, Salt
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Fancy Cocktails Can Be Easy.

This is as easy as it gets.

The Old Fashioned can be complicated and time consuming.  Proof Syrup takes the hassle out of your perfect Old Fashioned and puts the fun back into entertaining.  Nobody wants to spend all their time behind the bar peeling, muddling and measuring.  

All you have to do now is pour and mix to get the perfect Old Fashioned—every time.  So simple, the hardest part is picking your favorite bourbon.

Now drink. 

some maple bacon recipes:

Proof Al Pastor Sour

- ½ oz Proof Maple Bacon

- 1½ oz Tequila or Mezcal 

- ½ oz Aperol or Campari

- 1½ oz Fresh Pineapple Juice

- Lime Wheel

Proof Ham on Rye

- ½ oz Proof Maple Bacon

- 2 oz Rye Whiskey

- ¾ oz Favorite Amaro

- Orange Twist

Brunch Punch

- ½ oz Proof Maple Bacon

- 1 ¼ oz Cathead Pecan Vodka

- ¾ oz Fruitlab Hibiscus Liqueur

- 1 oz Lemon Juice

South by Southwest

- ½ oz Proof Maple Bacon

- 1 ½ oz Silver Tequila

- ¾ oz Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur

- ¾ oz Lime Juice

- Top with Ginger Beer

Paris Fling

- ½ oz Proof Maple Bacon

- 1 ½ oz Cognac

- ½ oz Peche de Vigne peach liqueur

- ¾ oz Lemon Juice

- 1 Eggwhite

¡Viva La Revolución!

- ½ oz Proof Maple Bacon

- 1 oz Mezcal

- ¾ oz Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur

- ½ oz Giffard Banane du Bresil

- ¾ oz Lime Juice

Weekend In Juarez

- ½ oz Proof Maple Bacon

- 1 oz Mezcal

- 1 oz Tequila

- 1 oz Blood Orange Juice

- ½ oz Lime Juice

- ½ oz Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur