As much as we love a good classic margarita (and we do so love a good margarita), sometimes a great margarita riff is even better. Enter the basil-mezcal sour, made with mezcal, Basil Proof Syrup, and either Citrus Sour Proof Syrup or Margarita Proof Syrup. This is a fast, easy cocktail with impressive depth of flavor. (It's also nice to look at, if that counts for anything.)

Not quite sold on smoky-rich mezcal? We get it; stuff's intense. But this cocktail is equally delicious with a good tequila, a 75-25 tequila-mezcal split, or any other ratio you want to try. For just the merest whiff of smokiness, swirl a teaspoon of mezcal in the glass right before adding the ice.






Rocks Glass


  1. Coat rim of rocks glass with bacon salt or Tajin; set aside.
  2. Shake mezcal and Proof Syrups with ice.
  3. Strain into prepared glass.