Proof Syrup Vodka Soda: A Cool Cocktail for Hot Weather


Ice, fizz, quick prep, and simple ingredients: that’s a perfect summertime cocktail, right there. On warm, muggy days, the Proof Syrup Vodka Soda hits the spot every time.

pomegranate vodka soda

This simple, refreshing cocktail comes together fast with any syrup from our Classic Cocktails collection — Pomegranate (pictured), Citrus Sour, Ginger, Honey, or White Peach. Super-customizable, the Proof Syrup Vodka Sour is also light on calories and carbs and low in alcohol by volume (ABV).

The key to this recipe? Make good choices, as our kindergarten teacher used to say. A good vodka and the right amount of syrup (for you) make all the difference.

Proof Syrup Vodka Soda


  • 2 oz Vodka
  • ½ oz to 1 oz Proof Syrup (Adjust to Taste)
  • Club Soda to Top
  • Lemon or Lime Wedge to Garnish


  1. Shake Proof Syrup and vodka with ice.
  2. Strain into an ice-filled Collins glass.
  3. Top with club soda, and garnish with a citrus wedge.


Swap in a flavored sparkling water, like AHA, LaCroix, or Waterloo, for the club soda. (Our current favorites: Limoncello LaCroix, Honey, and Citrus Sour Proof Syrups, and a lemon twist; and Blueberry Waterloo, Pomegranate Proof Syrup, and a lime wedge.)

Nutrition Facts:

141–188 calories (depending on syrup quantity and flavor), 7–14g carbs, 7–14g sugars