A proper Clover Club recipe calls for raspberry syrup, but given the frequent syrup swapping among raspberry, other-berry, and grenadine syrups throughout cocktail history — and a lack of raspberry syrup in the fridge — one evening we tried a Clover Club with Classic Grenadine Proof Syrup. It produced a different cocktail, but a fantastic one nonetheless.

This Clover Club-style gin sour is a perfect, delicious sour — especially when made with the optional-but-recommended egg white. It's tart, light, bright, and beautifully frothy, with a floral, slightly fruity aroma. If you’re fond of sours, gin, or cocktails like the Bee’s Knees, cosmo, or gimlet — we think you’ll enjoy this Clover Club riff.

Garnish as the spirit moves you — fresh raspberries are the Clover Club standard, but we love this version with a Luxardo cherry.



Coupe Glass


  1. Measure gin, Proof Syrup, and lemon juice into shaker; add egg white and one (regular) ice cube; shake until well chilled and frothy, about 15 seconds (up to 30 seconds, depending on how hard you shake).
  2. Strain into chilled coupe glass.
  3. Garnish with raspberry or cherry.


If the available gin is very dry or juniper-forward, introduce balance and complexity by swapping out a little gin for dry or blanc vermouth. Here's how: In step 1, reduce gin to 1 ½ oz and add ½ oz dry or blanc vermouth (we like Dolin in this recipe); proceed per instructions.

What You’ll Need

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