Ice Is Nice — and Clear Ice Is Nicer


Clean, clear ice is better than cloudy ice-maker cubes in every conceivable way. Here are some instructions and tips for getting the best possible ice out of Proof Syrup Clear Ice Molds

Clear ice tastes, smells, and looks better than cloudy ice — plus it melts more slowly — making it the choice of craft bartenders worldwide. While many high-end bars and exceedingly fancy folk purchase specialty ice and cut it by hand, we’re betting your life doesn’t have room in it for even one more hassle. Make your own industry standard clear ice cubes and spheres at home, easily, with Proof Syrup's Clear Ice Molds

How Our Ice Molds Work

Our ice molds use directional freezing — the same top-down process that creates crystal-clear ice in nature.

As the water freezes from the cold air above, impurities and bubbles are pushed out of small holes in the bottom of each mold. The result is pure, clean, clear ice that looks great and won’t taint your drinks with unwanted flavors and odors. Clear cubes also melt more slowly than cloudy ice, so they don’t dilute your beverages as quickly as the ice you’re probably used to.

Because clear ice is more dense than bubbly ice, it also won’t absorb freezer odors like regular ice will. Better all the way around, it is!


NOTE: Before first use, hand-wash both interior molds and the exterior case with mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Avoid submerging the exterior case in water.

  1. To make ice, set exterior case in the sink or a large pot. Fill case with water, then lower molds into case and press down to secure. (Expect some overflow.) Make sure water is visible through the small holes at the top of the silicone mold; pour or run water into those holes to top off. 
  2. Transfer case to freezer, making sure the case is level and fully upright. Freeze for 18 to 24 hours.
  3. To unmold ice, place case in sink or large pot. (There may be freezing-cold spillage, folks.)
  4. Pry mold handles up, alternating sides until you can ease the molds free of the case.
  5. Separate mold halves and remove ice.
  6. Pick off any stray frosty bits, place ice in glass, and pour a delicious beverage over top.

Success Tips

We tested these molds heavily before deciding to sell them, and here’s what we learned about getting the best results:

  • Harsh soaps or dishwasher detergent will impart odors/flavors detrimental to your clear, perfect ice, so while we are huge fans of just throwing everything in the dishwasher, do not put your ice molds in there.
  • Depending on your local water quality and hardness, you might get better ice using warm or hot water, rather than cold.
  • When it’s ice-checking time, open the mold over the sink — even if your cubes/spheres are ready, there might be liquid water in the bottom of the case.
  • Removing the interior molds from the case takes some effort. Letting the whole operation sit out on the counter for a few minutes can make that part easier.
  • Your ice cubes/spheres will look frosty, not clear, when you first unmold them — this is normal. Their stunning clarity will be apparent as soon as you pour a beverage over them.
  • It’s also normal for bits of frost or waste ice to stick to your perfect cubes/spheres. Simply pick these off.