We can increase your bar/restaurant’s topline revenue by $150K.

We’re so sure we’re right, the first 1,000 cocktails are on us.

Read on for details, or click below to find out how Proof cocktails can add $150,000 in revenue to your business.

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Why It Works

Draft Cocktail Experts

“We invented Proof Syrup to solve challenges every bar deals with: consistency, speed of service, staffing. We know draft cocktails are a winning concept, because we’ve seen it work. In the 85-seat craft bar where we created Proof, we sold 1,000 draft cocktails per week. That’s a game-changer.”

— Brooks Cloud, Founder & CEO, Proof Syrup

The Best Ingredients

Our syrups are made with the same ingredients you’d find behind any craft bar: real fruit juices, non-GMO cane sugar, authentic cocktail bitters, and tinctures made in-house from organic herbs, spices, nuts, and fruit.

Fast Service, Happy Customers

Serving cocktails on draft streamlines bar operations like nothing else — it allows you to get fresh, delicious cocktails out to customers in a fraction of the time.

Customers who get their cocktails fast are more likely to order a second one, and they’re going to be happier with the quality of service. The payoff for servers, bartenders, and the business is huge.

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What It Makes

Proof Syrup makes more than 20 cocktail syrups plus a line of bitters, all inspired by classic cocktail recipes. You can jump-start your draft cocktail program with recipes we provide, invent your own, or work with us to create signature cocktails your customers will love.

  • - Old Fashioneds (6 flavors)
  • - Margaritas
  • - Moscow & Kentucky Mules
  • - Mojitos
  • - Southside Fizzes
  • - Botanical Berry Lemonades
  • - Cosmopolitans

How It Works

We spent a decade working out the kinks so you don’t have to — you get the benefit of our expertise and experience from day one. Here’s how you put a cocktail on draft using Proof Syrup.


Mix syrup and spirit/s in a sixtel keg.


Hook up the keg to a nitrogen line.


Pour individual servings from the tap, garnish, and serve.

What It Does

Provide consistent quality

Increase sales volume

Ramp up speed of service

Improve customer experience

Grow repeat sales volume

Drive higher profit volume per tap

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