Proof Rewards Program

How it works

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Get 275 points when you create an account.

Earn Points

Rack up points faster as you unlock membership levels.
Points are valid for 12 months from earning them.

Redeem at Checkout

Redeem points at checkout to enjoy rewards, like free shipping. Now 100 points = $1 off

Ways to Earn Points

It’s not just about shopping - you can rack up those redeemable points right now without spending a thing, here’s how:

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Redeem Points for Rewards

Here are just some of the things you can get when you cash in your Proof points at checkout.

$10 off

Swap 1,000 points

$25 off

Swap 2,500 points

$50 off

Swap 5,000 points

$75 off

Swap 7,500 points

Level Up on Benefits

Score 7.5x the points when you reach Platinum status and earn exclusive discounts faster. Check your dashboard to see where you're at now.

Tier Requirements

*based on 12 months

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Points to Achieve Free to join Reach 500 points Reach 1,500 points Reach 3,000 points
Points for Shopping 2 points per $1 spent 5 point per $1 spent 10 point per $1 spent 15 point per $1 spent
Discounts 100 points = $1 off 100 points = $1 off 100 points = $1 off 100 points = $1 off
Shipping -- -- 50% off FREE
Birthday Rewards
Free Product Rewards

Rewards FAQs

If you can't find what you're looking for, here's how to get in touch with us.

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