Cocktail Smoker Kit

Make Perfect Smoked Cocktails

Includes Mesquite, Hickory , and Apple Wood shavings


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Make The Perfect Smoked Old Fashioned

You can use this smoker with or without chips. You can smoke a cocktail, ice and all, or you can smoke an empty glass and then add your cocktail.

Step 1: Mix Cocktail

Mix your cocktail and place smoker atop glass.

Step 2: Torch

Add a teaspoon of wood shavings inside of the chimney portion of smoker.

Step 3: Serve

Torch the wood shavings for 15-30 seconds while glass fills with smoke.


These instructions are geared toward Old Fashioneds and similar cocktails. If you’re smoking something else, you might want to experiment a little to find the technique that works best for you. 

1. Mix and pour your cocktail into the glass as usual.

2. Place smoker atop glass. (See illustration on bag for placement.)

3. If using shavings, place a small amount — a half-teaspoon to a teaspoon — in the chimney portion of smoker. 

4. Using butane torch, light the shavings (if using) or burn the inside of the chimney portion of smoker for about 15 to 30 seconds, long enough for stuff to get smoky.

5. Leave smoker atop glass for the 30-60 seconds it takes for the glass to fill with smoke. Relight if necessary.

6. Carefully remove smoker, taking care not to knock ashes into your cocktail, and set aside.

7. Sip and enjoy.

8. Allow the smoker to cool completely before cleaning (a simple brush-off with a napkin should suffice) and storing. 

What's Included

A hand-turned chimney-style smoker made by local artisans, using locally sourced cherry wood

Three varieties of wood shavings (apple wood, hickory, and mesquite)

Check out the directions and success tips printed on the resealable, reusable bag for important details on using this smoker.

For instance, you’ll need a butane torch, the type you might use to make creme brulee, to run this show. You’ll also need a safe place to work, and a general awareness that fire is hot. But you’ve got this. Smoked cocktails await. 

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