A classic cocktail from the 1970s? Oh, there are a few out there — and we think the Amaretto sour deserves to be counted among them.

Based on the unquestionably classic whiskey sour, this cocktail is tart, sweet, complex, and delicious, and for some of us (Gen X represent!) it's also a fun stroll down memory lane. Retro cocktailing rocks, people. 

If the main thing you remember about Amaretto sours is how sweet they were, fear not — this version's a lot less sugary than those made with sweet-and-sour mixes or simple syrup. Here are a couple of tips for elevating the recipe further: Choose a good Amaretto to maximize flavor and complexity. Take down the sweetness by subbing in your favorite whiskey for part of the Amaretto. (We like 1½ oz Amaretto and ½ to ¾ oz bourbon.)



Rocks Glass


  1. Measure Amaretto and Proof Syrup into shaker; add egg white and one ice cube.
  2. Shake until ice cube dissolves.
  3. Strain into chilled rocks glass. (If not using egg white, simply shake ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled rocks glass.)
  4. Garnish with dash of bitters and a Luxardo cherry.



In place of 2 oz Amaretto, use 1½ oz Amaretto and ½ to ¾ oz bourbon.