Proof Wholesale Program

We’re selling 600+ bottles a day to retail consumers on our website — now you can make Proof Syrups available to your retail, bar, restaurant and hospitality customers with our new wholesale program. Below please find info on our products, pricing, policies and promotional efforts.

YOU MUST HAVE A SELLER PERMIT TO PURCHASE PROOF AT WHOLESALE PRICING. Please click here to buy Proof at discounted bulk case pricing for personal consumption.


Proof Cocktail Syrups are sold nationwide at wholesale directly to liquor retailers, restaurants, bars, grocers, specialty stores, department stores, event organizers and vendors, casinos, and travel, entertainment and hospitality entities. So we can bring our customers the best pricing, marketing support and customer service, we do not currently use outside distributors. Proof is currently not available at wholesale to e-commerce-only businesses. 


ORDERS BEING PAID BY CREDIT CARD: Please click here to place your order in our online wholesale store and to pay for your order by credit card. You’ll receive an order confirmation, fulfillment notification and shipping tracking numbers as they become available.

ORDERS BEING PAID BY BANK TRANSFER/ACH/E-CHECK: Please click here to place an order that will be paid by bank transfer. The form will be received by our wholesale team and you will receive by email an invoice link to review and securely complete payment of your order. Once the invoice is paid we will fulfill your order and forward shipping tracking numbers as they become available.

ORDERS FOR 30 CASES OR MORE: For pricing on orders of 30 or more cases please contact our wholesale team using the below Contact Us form, and our team will provide you with a price quote.


All orders must be paid online via credit card or ACH prior to orders being shipped. On orders over $1000 we ask for you to pay via the ACH option if possible. 

Product Availability

Smaller orders are typically shipped the same or next day, depending on stock availability. However, with regards to larger orders: Proof is made in small batches so that we may ship the freshest stock with the longest shelf life possible. Hence, we do not keep large quantities on hand, and ask for as much lead time as possible on larger orders. On larger orders we will be able to advise you of availability and lead time.



When mixed with your shopper’s favorite spirits, one bottle of our Old Fashioned syrups makes 32 cocktails. One bottle of our Classic Cocktail or Botanical syrups, depending on the recipe, makes 16-32 drinks. For a list of recommended recipes using Proof, please click here to visit the recipe page on our consumer website.

Shelf life

Our Old Fashioned syrups have a two-year shelf life from the date of production. Classic Cocktail and Botanical syrups currently have a 6 month  shelf life (except Pomegranate which is currently 4 months)  from the date of production (shelf-life of various products may increase pending results from lab testing in progress).

Case & bottle sizes

All syrups are currently available at wholesale in cases of 12 16-ounce glass bottles and 12 4-ounce glass bottles. We also have 1-gallon sizes available for kegged cocktails in our Draft Program - contact us using the form below for details on this new program.

Mixed cases

Please see below for any pre-mixed case options we’re currently offering. We are unable to make substitutions on our pre-mixed cases. Customized mixed cases are not available at this time.


Old Fashioned Syrups

Traditional - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.

Maple Bacon - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.

Pecan - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.

Black Walnut - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.  

Orange - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.

Pumpkin Spice (Fall-Winter seasonal flavor) - 12 16oz bottle case.

Mixed Old Fashioned - 12 16oz bottle case (4 Traditional, 2 Maple Bacon, 2 Pecan,  2 Black Walnut and 2 Orange).

Classic Cocktail Syrups

Citrus Sour - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case. 

Ginger - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.

White Peach - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case. 

Honey - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case. 

Pomegranate - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case. 

Mixed Classic Cocktail - 12 16oz bottle case (4 Citrus Sour, 2 Honey, 2 White Peach, 2 Ginger and 2 Pomegranate).

Botanical Syrups

Mint - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.

Basil - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.

Hibiscus - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.

Lavender - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.

Rosemary - 12 16oz bottle case & 12 4oz bottle case.

Mixed Classic Botanical - 12 16oz bottle case (4 Mint, 2 Basil, 2 Hibiscus, 2 Lavender and 2 Rosemary).


Wholesale pricing includes shipping/freight in the lower 48 states:

order by credit card


Shipping and freight costs are included in our case pricing on orders being shipped to the lower 48 states (AK and HI customers please contact us for options using the contact form at the bottom of this page). Individual cases are shipped via small-parcel carriers (typically UPS). Orders that are more economically shipped on a pallet are delivered via LTL freight carriers. Pallet orders shipped to locations without a dock or forklift may have to be received by off-loading freight by hand.


We will work with your store(s) and provide you with tools to help promote that Proof is available in your store:
  • Shelf talkers will be mailed to your store. Other point-of-sale materials are coming soon.
  • We will provide you with web-ready Proof artwork to use on your website, social media, and email blasts.
  • Your store(s) will be included in Proof’s online Where To Buy and Try directory. Bars and restaurants adding us to their cocktail menus are also included in our store locator.
  • Proof will be making periodic announcements via email campaigns and social media postings letting our online friends, followers, and subscribers know that our products are available in select retail locations.



We currently have a limited number of sample sized bottles of our Traditional Old Fashioned syrup available to send by request. Please let us know you are interested in receiving a sample using the contact form below.


In the near future we will be launching a loyalty program with rewards and incentives for our wholesale customers. More info to come soon.

order by credit card
order by credit card
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