About the Proof Syrup Rewards Program

Welcome! Here’s everything you need to know to collect and spend Proof Rewards:

What is this? 

It’s Proof Syrup’s way of thanking our regular customers by rewarding repeat purchases. You’ll earn points with every purchase from proofsyrup.com, and by completing online activities like referrals and social media likes.

What’s in it for me?

Savings on Proof purchases, exclusive sales, first crack at new products, Proof news, and more! 

Benefits depend on membership level, which is determined by total points over the last 12 months. The more purchases you make, the more points you earn per dollar, and those points can be redeemed toward future orders. Our gold and platinum members enjoy discounted shipping, too.

Who can join? 

Anyone with an account on proofsyrup.com is automatically enrolled; if you don’t have an account, or if you’ve been purchasing from us as a guest, you can create an account in seconds through our account page. Membership is free.

How do I earn points? 

You can earn points by placing an online order through our website; points are awarded based on the final price paid for the products themselves, after any discounts have been applied and not including taxes or shipping. You can also earn points through other activities such as liking us on Instagram or Facebook, signing up for our email list, and referring friends to Proof Syrup. You’ll get points on your birthday, too.

How do I redeem points?

Members who have accumulated 500 or more points can redeem points for dollars off any purchase at the rate of 1 point = $.01. During the checkout process, you’ll have access to a slider that shows points available to “spend” and how much they’re worth. You can apply any number of points, from 500 on up, toward the merchandise value of your purchase.

How do I check my points balance?

Current membership level and points balance are available on the website; simply log in and select “My Account.” 

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn? 

Nope! Go nuts. Earn as many points as you like.

How do I refer a friend?

Go to your Rewards page and look for the referrals task box. Clicking the “Complete activity” button opens a window with options to send a friend your referral code via social media or email; there will also be a link you can copy to send the code to your friend another way. Important: For you to receive those points, and for your friend to get the discount, your friend must use your referral code when making a purchase.

I completed an activity but my points didn’t change. Why?

Sometimes it takes a few minutes to process your activity. If you don’t see the points by the next day, email us at support@proofsyrup.com

Why did my points balance go down even though I didn’t use any rewards? 

You or someone you referred cancelled or returned a purchase. You can scroll to the bottom of the program page to view activity related to your account.

What happens if I cancel an order? What happens if a friend I refer ends up canceling their order? 

Points are based on dollars spent, so canceling an order means forfeiting those points, which will be removed from your account immediately. If a friend who uses your referral code cancels an order, referral points will be deducted from your balance.

How do I leave the program? 

Email us at support@proofsyrup.com and we’ll unenroll you. You will lose any points in your account.

What if I want to re-enroll later?

Email us at support@proofsyrup.com and we’ll re-enroll you. Your point balance will start at zero.

Where can I report a problem, ask a question, or give feedback?

Email us at support@proofsyrup.com from the email address you used to set up your Proof Syrup account (or include that address in your email so we can look you up in our system).