Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup Mini Set

Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup Mini Set

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Each 4 oz bottle makes 8 cocktails
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We did it, friends: We miniaturized our Old Fashioned syrups. All five of our original Old Fashioned syrups are now available in a set of convenient 4 oz bottles. This new format offers several benefits:

  • Curious about Proof Syrup flavors but uneasy about buying whole 16 oz bottles of syrup you’re not positive you’ll use? Here you go.
  • Small bottles are super-portable, for cocktail hours away from home. They also take up less fridge/cooler real estate than the full-sizers. (More room for fancy meats and cheeses is what we’re driving at here.)
  • This set resolves gift-giving conundrums in an elegant and thoughtful fashion: Not sure which Old Fashioned flavor to get Pops for Father’s Day? Get ‘em all!
  • Looking to treat yo’ self? Boom.

Just the facts:

  • Contains the exact same Proof Syrup as our full-size 16 oz bottles. Just add your favorite spirit and you’ve got a perfect cocktail.
  • Each bottle makes 8 of those perfect cocktails.
  • Like our full-size bottles, these bottles are glass — recyclable, reusable, non-reactive glass.
  • Comes with a recipe booklet packed with easy, delicious, perfect-every-time classic cocktail recipes.
  • A stainless steel jigger’s in there too, marked for the ½ oz and 2 oz measurements crucial to Old Fashioned mixery.

The only reasonable conclusion: This is a must-have for any Proof Syrup drinker, cocktail lover, tippling fence-sitter, and connoisseur of cute, small versions of big things. Grab one up today!

Each 4 oz bottle makes 8 cocktails.

Serving size: ½ oz per cocktail.


Each bottle makes 8 cocktails. Times five bottles, that’s 40 cocktails. 
Water, Oleo Saccharum, Sugar, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil, Bitters
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We’ve already got one of these for beach weekends, camping trips, and the robot apocalypse.

Imagine being able to enjoy perfect, easy-peasy Proof Syrup cocktails anytime, anywhere — kicking back in the beach house, telling fishing stories around the campfire, even navigating a robot-infested wasteland. Sounds good, right? Well, now you can. 

You think we’re kidding? That this is another of our “funny” little “jokes”? No sir, no ma’am. We intend to spend the robot apocalypse with Daddypaw’s grenade launcher on our back and perfect Old Fashioneds in our tummy.